Includes 10 Mega Cannoli.

Cookie Platter

Includes 1 dozen cookies of your choice. Choose from sugar, white chocolate with macadamia nuts, oatmeal raisin or chocolate chip.

Custom made ice cream cakes

These custom made cakes have a layer of delicious chocolate ice cream, cake crunch, a layer of vanilla ice cream, then topped with whipped icing.

Lassi ( Sweet Yohgurt Drink)

Mango Lassi ( 1 Gallon ) : Price: $39.99
Rose Lassi ( 1 Gallon ) : Price: $39.99

Unlimited Drinks

Perfect addition to a party that serves only cake or light snacks! Includes your choice of assorted Coke, Diet-Coke, lemonade and water


10 Cup Box of Premium Joe

Vada Pav

VADA PAV : Vada Pav consists of a deep fried potato dumpling placed inside a bread bun (pav) sliced almost in half through the middle. Add some extra zest to your party!

Mixed Pakora

Who doesn’t love freshly fried fritter? These pakoras make a great appetizer and are made with mixed vegetables, chickpeas and spiced with turmeric and other spices.

Kati Rolls

Kati Roll : Kati rolls are made wrapped in a flat paratha bread. Stuffing can be Paneer(Cottage Cheese) or Chicken(Halal Meat).

Vegetable Samosas

Enjoy this fried pastry shell with a savory potato, fresh coriander and pea stuffing.


5 Yummy Butter Croissants.

Garlic Parmesan Bread Sticks

These bread sticks come 10 to an order and are topped with a special Garlic sauce and Parmesan Italian seasoning.

Bread Sticks

An order of 10 bread sticks is a great addition to your party.

Jungle Munchies

Add a large bowl of chips, pretzels, Doritos and more.

BBQ Chicken Pizza $23.95
NY White Pizza

New York Style White Pizza

Extra Large Kosher Pizzas

You may add additional pizza to your package for adults and non-participants. Each large pizza comes with paper products. Our Kosher food orders are from Giddy’s Pizzeria in East Brunswick.

Kosher Pizza For Kids

Kosher pizza and includes drinks (Lemonade and water)

Meat Lovers Pizza

Sink your teeth into this pizza loaded with a mouthwatering combination of pepperoni, ham, spicy Italian sausage, fresh-sliced onions & green peppers, gourmet baby portabella mushrooms and ripe black olives.

Veggie Lover’s Pizza

A veggie lover’s delight! The Garden Fresh pizza is generously topped with fresh-sliced onions & green peppers, gourmet baby portabella mushrooms, ripe black olives and juicy, fresh-sliced Roma tomatoes.


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