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Go Wild! 5 Tips to Plan the Perfect Jungle Birthday Party

Whether your little one is an animal lover or you have kids that seem to be getting into monkey business every time you turn around, a jungle themed birthday party is a great alternative to a typical birthday celebration. Organizing a jungle themed birthday party would not only amaze your child, but would also help enhance knowledge about various animals among the kids. Between decorations, party food and activities, the jungle party theme will have the kids laughing and having a great time. Besides, a jungle birthday party theme is a perfect option for either boy or girl. Not to mention, planning a jungle themed birthday party for a child is not as one would think.

There are so many ideas for jungle birthday parties available that with the right research you, the children and even the guests are going to have a good time. Read on to find out five tips to plan the perfect jungle birthday party.

1. Games- Without any games or activities, no party can be fun. Besides, the games are what the children are going to remember the most. Furthermore, some of the biggest hits for the kids are the barrel of monkey’s game, twister with jungle mats for the colors and pin the tail on the zebra.

2. Location– Whether you are planning to have the jungle birthday party at home or are planning to rent a different venue, make sure that you choose a spot that is suitable for the party depending on the activities you choose.

3. Decide on a menu- It goes without saying, that food can make or break a jungle birthday party. Apart from the birthday cake, you have to think about serving foods that are easy to eat. Furthermore, go for yummy yet healthy jungle-inspired party food to delight everyone’s taste buds. Generally, simple finger foods can be appealing to the kids and can determine whether or not the kids eat the food.

4. Fun decorations- The decorations you choose will not only help set the atmosphere and tone for the party, but will also enhance the mood of the attendees. You want your guests to have a feeling like they are arriving at the jungle itself. By hanging brown and green streamers, it can appear like vines hanging in the jungle. Something like a monkey hanging from the ceiling, with a few colorful flowers or balloons can really set the mood. You may also consider decorating your party area with vibrant and colorful jungle animal shaped balloons.

5. Prepare the Invitation cards- As soon as everything is settled, it is time for you to prepare the invitations. Make sure you choose an animal or flower prints or even some mystery footprints design to give your invitation cards that jungle safari look. You can personalize the cards or if you don’t have ample time to design it then you can buy ready-made cards from the bookstores.

Whether your kid is turning three or ten, a jungle themed birthday party is ideal for any age and surprisingly easy to pull together. When planning a jungle birthday party for your little one, make sure you keep in mind the above-mentioned tips and tricks to make your child’s birthday celebration a great success that they will remember for years to come.